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August 11, 2009

Tom the Dancing Bug... Best. Comic. Strip. Ever!

As most of you know, the most reliable and prestigious barometer of excellence in comics is the Rankopedia "Best Comic Strip Ever" poll.  Each morning, I, and doubtlessly millions of others, peruse the pantheon of luminaries at the top of the list over a cup of coffee to see which comic strips the critics, historians and fans hold in the highest esteem.

So imagine my shock today when I checked on the list and found my own comic strip, "Tom the Dancing Bug" sitting on top of this list, above some of the greatest popular artists this globe has ever seen.

What I did to suddenly deserve this wholly unexpected honor, I know not.  (But writing in a pretentious, self-important manner by mixing up the order of clauses, I shall.)  Perhaps it was my recent award-winning, wildly popular comics about James Caan's ghost.  Maybe it's because the strip's enduring catchphrase, "Giant Wombats!" has swept the nation.  Some might say it was simply the zeitgeist catching up with genius, although humility would prevent me from saying so myself, thus leaving it to Some.

How this happened isn't important.  The only thing that is important is that "Tom the Dancing Bug" is objectively and irrefutably the Best Comic Strip Ever.


I'm speechless, and I'm humbled.  Which is why I just wrote this long speech about how great I am.

Ranking_ Best comic strip ever090811,725am

Here it is.  It's on the internet, so it must be true.


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