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March 26, 2012

Name: Major Dan
Returned from: Afghanistan
MilblogAfghaniDan, Part II
Twitter: Mayordelmundo

I'd never in a million years have expected to be posting a Katy Perry video, but my colleagues at the Marine Corps' Los Angeles office made this happen, along with the outstanding Marines at Camp Pendleton who put up with days of a different kind of shooting, and gave Miss Perry a crash course in Devil Dog fun. Who needs a splashy new campaign when we've got this?


Wow. Awesome video. Talk about strong women!

Thanks, Debbie - they are indeed strong. The Marine who Katy Perry is throwing to the ground is a black belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program...I crossed paths with her in Afghanistan. They are warriors, and it's not hard to see why the pop star chose to emulate them!

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