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March 25, 2011

Name: Scott
Stationed in: Afghanistan
Milblog: The Sand Docs

We had an unusual request for patient care today.

One of narcotic-sniffing German shepherds from the air force K9 unit lacerated his rear leg. The nearest vet is a helo ride away in Kandahar, a bit far for simple treatment. So as jacks-of-all-trade (masters-of-none) and animal lovers (or tolerators, in some cases), we took the case. Hey, it was something different. After a quick teleconference with the vet, we make quick work of the wound.

Dog iv on the floor.


Paw and fur specialist at work.


I think we qualified for honorary membership in the Afghanistan Veterinary Society, Zabul Chapter. That, and a Scooby snack.

Don't quit your day job.


Lucky dog, or lucky you. Thanks for being there and sharing this story.

All you soldiers deserve the best of everything, especially quality medical care. Glad to see you're all getting it - Kandahar would have been a fur piece to travel (sorry, couldn't resist) to get stitched up when you excellent docs were right there. Lucky K9, lucky docs. Keep up the great work. And be safe.

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