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November 25, 2010

Name: Scott
Stationed in: Afghanistan
Milblog: The Sand Docs

In spite of what some may call an austere environment, we have much for which to be thankful. Among those things: our deployment is over halfway complete, we have not lost any of our team members, we live in a prosperous society that values and dignifies its individual citizens, we enjoy many times in our lives free from fear, and we have plenty to eat, a warm place to sleep, the support of our families and friends, and our children are safe. We are grateful.

The true need for sailors in the desert revealed.

To celebrate turkey day the DFAC is serving a great spread. Many troops from the small outlying posts are arriving to join in. The lines will be long but they are a deserving group. Here is a video link to the 2009 Thanksgiving spread made by a member of one of the preceding Foward Surgical Teams. 

Finally, we are thankful for the holiday cards supplied to us by the 3rd grade class at Holy Infant School in Ballwin, MO and the 5th grade class at Boyce Middle School in Pittsburgh, PA.

Thanksgiving cards on display.

Here are some select excerpts from our young friends:

"I was a skateboarding banana for Halloween.  I pray for your safety.
"  -- Lucas, 3rd grade
    And we pray for your safety, Lucas.

"You are a big HERO to me.  A story I think is funny is my friend Emma tried to hug a chipmunk and it tried to get her. She named him Montgomery."
-- Osa, 5th grade
     Sounds like Emma is the big HERO.

"If I could be any character in Modern Warfare 2, it would be you."
-- Mark, 5th grade
   Unfortunately, Mark, I suspect you would have to play Operation.

"Doctors are the best."
   -- Jack, 3rd grade
    Future president of the American Medical Association.

"Because of you I feel safe.  Do you have a dog?"
-- Don, 5th grade 
    Don, what's really on your mind?

"Fix them all up and get out of there!!!!
" -- Zach, 3rd grade, 
   Now that's a succinct summary of the mission.

"Did you know 32 miners were trapped in a mine for 71 days.  They all got out.  This story should inspire you to show most stories have happy endings.  And I know you will too!"
-- Olivia, 5th grade
   Olivia, thank you for the thought of the day.

We hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Thank you for your sacrifice.

ps Nice boat.

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