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February 15, 2010

Name: Bouhammer
Posting date: 2/15/10
Returned from: Afghanistan

This is a great video that was shared with me by a Soldiers’ Angel. It gives the American public great insight into what our Soldiers and Marines have to carry downrange. It has some vulgar language in it, because -- well, that is the way many Soldiers and Marines talk when not near civilization. So don’t take it personal.


And I thought my wallet was getting full...

A true warrior. America's finest. God Bless Leatherneck.
Semper Fidelis, Robert Wiser

No wonder my son came home on leave 30 pounds lighter. And pumped-up with muscles like Popeye!
Language? What language? Sounds normal to me...these are soldiers, not ballet dancers!

Loved this video. Informative, nicely presented. Great! I just loved it!
Can't imagine eating nothing but MREs and Cliff bars for a week, let alone not sleeping in my own warm bed at night.
Thank You. Come home soon. We miss you.

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