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September 21, 2009

Name: America's 1st Sgt.
Posting date: 9/21/09
Stationed in: Iraq  
Milblog: Castra Praetoria

Occasionally you have a premonition that it is time to move on. That what you’ve been doing is now concluded and your work here is actually done. I've received a sign that is is time for me to leave Iraq. 

Recently I received the below notice on the all hands e-mail here in scenic Al Assad:

Framed AmFirst HauntedHouse

After reading it, I felt it complete confirmation that it is time for me to leave this country and never return. What I’m not sure about is which is more ludicrous: the idea that MWR is having a haunted house in a combat zone, or that some brain surgeon thought it would be a good idea to host a haunted house and invite hundreds and hundreds of people armed with automatic weapons.


Remember back in the old days when MWR was an extra duty for some unlucky O-1 and a couple of hapless EM, and it was horribly amateurish? Now there's a dedicated corps of DoD civilians who can create exciting programs in a professional manner. And didja ever notice, when there's a visiting troupe of whatevers or a show or a special meal, guess who has the best seats in the place?

I started today just checking the doonesbury cartoon and my e-mail spam. Now I find myself looking for more posts from the SandBox. Today is the first time I came across it.

The pictures are a great addition.

I have to tell the guys at work: Guess what they're doing in Iraq to help the Marines feel at ease and enjoy a little bit of Americana? Sending them into a confined, dark building then try to surprise them with things that, from childhood, they associate with their being eaten alive, or otherwise imminent destruction. Heh, heh, heh. Won't that be a hoot? What's the worst that could happen? Wanna volunteer to jump out an try to scare Marines in a combat zone? Hee Hee, just Halloween, gotcha! Remember to say trick or treat.
Hey! Let's not even tell 'em it's a haunted house! Won't they be surprised when Freddy Kruger jumps out. Can't wait to see the look on their faces

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