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May 06, 2009

Name: Uncle Jimbo
Posting date: 5/6/09
Returned from: Two dozen countries that aren't Iraq or Afghanistan
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Milblog: Blackfive

Anyone who has not been in one would be surprised by the randomness and lack of certainty in a firefight. Neither team knows just what is happening. But the team that dominates wins. This video is a quick look at an hour-long scrap of our guys v. the Talibs, shortened to four and a half minutes. I vote for these guys from the 173rd Airborne, 2nd of the 503rd Chosen Company as America's bad asses.They are known to us many due to the Tanker Babe's relentless support of them and so many others. The Rock dominated.


I love the part where the Javelin scares the living poop out of that white mutt.

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