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April 09, 2008

Name: SFC Toby Nunn
Posting date: 4/9/08
Stationed in: Kuwait / Iraq
Hometown: Oakland, CA via Terrace B.C. CANADA
Milblog url:

We here in Bad Voodoo are still pretty busy, looking towards the summer and the changes it will bring. There have already been some changes and we are adapting to them. The biggest is in our living conditions, not an improvement.

So we are trying to come up with new and improved ways to entertain ourselves. Some of these are not-so-new means, actually Old School. No, not the oldest profession; the second oldest. That's right. Gambling! With time on our hands in the strangest of places we find ourselves turning to the old playing cards and other "carnival arcade type" games. From Texas Hold 'Em to knocking the Rip It cans off the hood of the Gun Trucks.

The most entertaining part for me is not the thrill of victory or the pain of defeat but the watching of JP and Ranger Ben the TCN's relentless ridicule and tormenting of each other.Framed_nunn_haircut_4 The stakes have long surpassed "double or nothing". Money is only worth the value of the public request for it. It started out with "Where's my money at, bitches?", and went on to accusations of being double agents and victory dances on the opponent's Gun Truck.

So what can you wager if money no longer holds value, and pride is the most precious commodity? Like Samson in the Bible many hold their hair as a source of individualism, and that's why the Army often takes it upon entry. Here we only have our personal beliefs and accomplishments, some of which we wear on our uniforms. Our coveted Combat Patches! I wear my 2ID Indian Head from my Stryker days, Ben wears an 82 All American from his Panama days (yes, he is that old), and JP rocks a 29th or 25th depending on his mood.

Well, Ben the TCN decided to do a little dance on JP's truck, which has cost him a little more than he anticipated. He had to wear the 160th, and entered into my realm of head dress patch. So careful who you call a double agent, because what you have could be hair today, gone tomorrow.


Gosh, I remember the 2ID patch from my childhood. My father was in the 2ID. I remember it's bright colors black, white and red. My father wore it at Normandy.

Hmmm, an 82d patch from Panama, that isn't old that was just before Gulf War I and after Grenada - which was after Vietnam - which was after WWII - which was long after Corporal York and his 82nd Infantry Division in The Great War (WWI for you youngn's). Gambling doesn't change, less boredom and less money. I learned not to bet on dice in a bunker. Take care out there.

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