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BAD VOODOO'S WAR (reminder) |

April 01, 2008

BAD VOODOO'S WAR (reminder)
Name: JP
Posting date: 4/1/08
Stationed in: Iraq
: Burke, Virginia
Milblog url:

The film Bad Voodoo's War airs tonight on Frontline on PBS. Filmmaker Deborah Scranton and my Platoon Sergeant SFC Toby Nunn have done an outstanding job telling the story of the Bad Voodoo soldiers. I know for a fact that my family, friends, and several of my readers are excited to finally see what I do over here.

It's always tough to explain my job. Even after my last deployment to Afghanistan from 2004-2005, I had some short video clips, photos, and my blog to help illustrate my job as an Infantryman. But man, having this film is way neater.

As a military blogger, I don't share a lot of what I experience as an Infantryman. I never have. Not because of the so-called new restrictions on blogging, or because of lack of support from my chain of command; on the contrary, the DoD guidelines on blogging have never prevented me from writing online, and I've always had great support from my leadership. No, I choose not to write about things I do because my family and friends read my blog, and I'm sensitive to their feelings. Therefore I choose write about simple things, like Care Packages and other day-to-day experiences.

Now, with this film, my family and friends will know a lot more about me.  More than I've ever shared.

Personal Note:  When I tried explaining to my kids what I did in Afghanistan I used to dress up my mom's cats, and we would re-enact events in the kitchen. Sweet, I know. But I swear, cats are a pain in the ass to work with. Take my mom's oldest cat, 'Mr. Punky' for instance. He didn't like being forced to wear DCUs. Nor did he like having a rucksack strapped to his back or standing fire watch for 14-hours straight on the refrigerator.

Anyway, I think I only confused my kids more about what I did in Afghanistan. Especially when 'Mr. Punky', in the middle of an Air Assault scene, would storm off set (the kitchen table) to go poopy in the kitty litter box.


Nothing would make us happier than millions of Americans watching and listening to what the guys of BAD VOODOO have to say… then writing in and crashing the WGBH Frontline server with comments.
(for convenience here's the link)

Matt of Blackfive said it perfectly– “I’d follow Toby (SFC Nunn) into hell carrying a gasoline can…” (as would I).

and I stand by my previous statement that JP is staggeringly handsome (and smart)...

Deborah Scranton

Saw the PBS program last night. It was an awesome experience and really brought home what you guys are facing every day. It took a lot of "cajones" on your part to expose yourselves and your lives to those of us at home. Thank you all for being there for us.

JP, Deborah - it was *fantastic*. Thanks so much for sharing your stories. All the best to everyone in the platoon. And add me to the list of those following Toby Nunn in to hell. What a guy!

JP & Deborah,
I caught the broadcast last night. OMG, I had a hard time breathing. It was awsome!!!

JP Waited anxiously to see Bad Voodoo's War on Frontline. Thanx to Deborah Scranton for the work she is doing for/with our soldiers and for those of us who are truly interested and concerned about our troops and all they are doing. Thanx, to all the men of Bad VooDoo for taking part in this documentry.
Save me a seat for that ride into hell. I'm right there with you too, Toby.
To be able to find humor (Mr. Punky's story, too funny) is a blessing not only for yourselves but for those of us who care about you all very much. Jason S-hang in there , babe! God Bless You All, We Love You and Thank You.

Let me add my thanks to everyone involved in getting this story on the air. All of us have been doing our part in getting the story out of both Iraq and Afghanistan and this is a outstanding example of the people out there doing the job. My hats off to the soldiers of Bad Voodoo for doing what others fear.

What a great job you and Toby and the platoon did. I am sure it wasn't easy for Toby to put it all out there but I know he felt it imperative that people know who these men and women really are that are being asked to do so much.
I'm with you, the millions who vote for American Idol, should be emailing WGBH with votes of thankfulness for these awesome men and women. Oh, and by the way, Go Guard!

A special thanks to you for bringing Bad Voodoo to our hearts and minds. I hope it airs again so that the American Idol and Dancing with the Stars fans (>i/2 of America) will see it. Nothing can do it better than Bad Voodoo to help those back here understand the incredible love and honor that is in the warrier spirit. You and yours are my knignts in dirty camos.

I got up at 2.30am Chicago to watch. Awesome! My admiration and respect grew minute by minute. Really well done.

The Bad Voodoo documentary truly was eye-opening. As the wife of a National Guard soldier preparing to deploy, I was definitely educated by listening to the soldiers, especially SGT Nunn. You, SGT Nunn, have left an indelible mark with your honest words and for that I say thank you. Praying daily for you and all our service men and women and their loved ones.

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