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April 21, 2008

Name: 1SG Troy Steward
Posting date: 4/21/08
Returned from: Afghanistan

I was browsing one of my favorite milblogs the other day -- Matt Burden's Blackfive -- and came across this video, sent in by SSG Ryan Creel, that I think does a good job of highlighting and demonstrating the verbosity, violence and chaos that exists in a typical firefight. Granted this is a two-dimensional view of a 360-degree moment, and it is absent the chest-pounding booms, smells, and fear that the guys are experiencing, but it gives the viewer a little appreciation of what 10% of the time in combat is like. Typically the other 90% is boredom.


Despite the absence of absent the chest-pounding booms, smells, and fear it certainly reiterated how awesome these guy's are.


what the hell where they shooting at?

with a batallion of guns?

Targets? What were your targets? It looks like a highly organized, uniformed drive by shooting.

I know, I know. Hard to get WAR just right.

Dude, they're SpecWar.

That actually looks pretty scary. To imagine what you guys go through everyday, absolutely terrifying. I honestly believe its so great that you are willing to make a change and offering a help in hand. So appreciative I'd say. I wish you the best.

Was that a HORSE running through the street? Surreal.

Question: Are the laser tracers a help or a direct target back to the troooper? Me, I think I would turn it off. Comment?

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