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June 11, 2007

Name: @WR
Posting date: 6/11/07
Returned from: Iraq
Milblog url:


One night I sat in the desert by myself.
The sky stretching from horizon to horizon.
As if the world had folded itself in two.

The sky deep blue filled with a billion stars.
The earth ashen brown, its horizon unbroken.
Both meeting at distance unknown to me.
And to me the world seemed so small.

Of it fitting so neatly under this sky.
And for a moment I felt both the cool night air
And the heat radiating from the baked ground.
And everything else seemed so small.

A hundred faces rushing by.
A thousand lives and a hundred thousand things to do.
A million moments of life, flying by.
And to me I felt so small.

And there I stood.
So small in an even smaller world.


You're right, it is a small world, but you all are larger than life in my world!
Thankyou you for your service!

Nice writing - concise & precise. I particularly liked the cool breeze & hot earth line. You've summed up the landscape very well.

Nice writing - concise & precise. I particularly liked the cool breeze & hot earth line. You've summed up the landscape very well.

Well Written keep the faith

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