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May 21, 2007

Name: Eddie
Posting date: 5/21/07
Stationed in: Baghdad, Iraq
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Milblog url:

For the longest time here in Iraq I went without any kind of music. Well, one day I gave in and bought an IPOD Nano. I got a bunch of songs from all the guys in my platoon and put together several playlists. I figured I would share my "Pre-Mission" playlist. It's what I listen to before I'm about to head out on patrol or on a mission, and it really gets me pumped up and in the mood to go out.

Dem Boyz
--  Boyz N Da Hood
Break Stuff --  Limp Bizkit
America, Fuck Yeah! --  Team America Soundtrack
Freedom Isn't Free --  Team America Soundtrack
Voodoo --  Godsmack
Jesus Walks --  Kanye West
Gotta Stay Fly  --  Three 6 Mafia
Bang Bang  --  Ramstein
Du Hast --  Ramstein
Stomp (Remix)  --  Young Buck
Another One Bites the Dust  --  Queen
Chop Suey  --  System of a Down
Fuck the System  --  System of a Down
Wake Me Up When September Ends  --  Green Day
Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
  --  Drowning Pool
I'm Already There (Messages from Home) --  Lonestar
Down  --  311
Killing in the Name Of  --  Rage Against the Machine
Symphony of Destruction
  --  Megadeath

So there ya go. That is the music that gets this soldier going before he leaves the wire.


Good choices. 2 that I always have are Metallica's "One" and "Enter Sandman"

Other artists as well as poets should be warned against meanness or
unseemliness. Sculpture and painting equally with music must conform to
the law of simplicity. He who violates it cannot be allowed to work in our
city, and to corrupt the taste of our citizens. For our guardians must
grow up, not amid images of deformity which will gradually poison and
corrupt their souls, but in a land of health and beauty where they will
drink in from every object sweet and harmonious influences. And of all
these influences the greatest is the education given by music, which finds
a way into the innermost soul and imparts to it the sense of beauty and of
deformity. At first the effect is unconscious; but when reason arrives,
then he who has been thus trained welcomes her as the friend whom he always
knew. As in learning to read, first we acquire the elements or letters
separately, and afterwards their combinations, and cannot recognize
reflections of them until we know the letters themselves;--in like manner
we must first attain the elements or essential forms of the virtues, and
then trace their combinations in life and experience. There is a music of
the soul which answers to the harmony of the world; and the fairest object
of a musical soul is the fair mind in the fair body. Some defect in the
latter may be excused, but not in the former. True love is the daughter of
temperance, and temperance is utterly opposed to the madness of bodily
pleasure. Enough has been said of music, which makes a fair ending with

(Plato, Republic, Book III, Jowett's translation) (This is not the best translation, just the one that comes to hand)

Seems like a good list to me.
Be safe out there.

You listen to whatever you need to- to get through. And do what you need to do to keep safe!!

I did my thirty years in the 50's,60's and 70's, so the music I listened to (although there wasn't much music on the flightdeck)was much different than what gets you going. Looking at your list, I think I probably had a superior selection of songs that will be considered classics in the years to come. However, whatever floats your boat, dude, stay safe and be proud of your service, I certainly am.

Dude, I applaud you for ending with Symphony of Destruction, its one of my favorites.

Be safe and watch out for high velocity objects flying at you. Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice.

Interesting mix of music you have there. Here's one you might add to it. Its fast, hard, and angry. Something you can probably appreciate just before a mission......

Grendel - Soilbleed

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