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May 24, 2007

Name: LT Carl Goforth
Posting date: 5/24/07
Stationed in: Anbar Province, Iraq
Milblog url:

Framed_goforth_doha1_2"Well, I say we just keep her. She can stay in the barracks with us."

"She is so cute, I would just love to adopt her as my own. Is it okay if we just 'claim' her as ours?"

Just a few of the comments I hear as I wade through medics and corpsman on my way to see Doha. She's the MVP of Charlie Medical this morning and is coming in to get pins extracted from her femur. A few days ago, Tim removed the rod that connected the two parts of her leg together after it was broken during a VBIED attack. This morning, we remove the last of the hardware as the most recent radiograph films show excellent healing.

She lost her father in the attack. He was no ordinary Ramadi citizen, but one of the more influential leaders of this emerging province. His deepFramed_goforth_doha3 commitment to the safety and well-being of Ramadi directly resulted in a phenomenal push for Iraqi Police recruits. This one man takes most of the credit for the robust police force we now have in Ramadi and the surrounding areas of Habbaniya and Khalidiyah. His legacy of faith and passion for his Country still reverberate in this area, as his death resulted in another wave of new recruits that showed up for training after the attack.

We remain encouraged by the positive reports we are receiving about life in the surrounding areas. New markets and restaurants are opening every week, and although Doha was orphaned and her life forever changed on that day, lets hope that a renewed Ramadi and Anbar Province will give her the life she deserves: a life without fear or repression; a life filled with opportunity to take her second chance and do great things...


Congratulations on all the successes in your region. Now if only it would spread to the rest of the sandbox. Well done.

As usual, when something happens that's on-mission and on-track, I'm at a loss for words. I really appreciate what you've accomplished here. We don't often reflect on the human suffering that goes on in a civil strife situation.

Children should never have to suffer for the politics of their parents. Or for any politics at all.

Thank you for your service.


When you, who are in Iraq, say something that gives you hope, it gives me hope. Thank you for what you do.


"lets hope that a renewed Ramadi and Anbar Province will give her the life she deserves: a life without fear or repression; a life filled with opportunity to take her second chance and do great things..."

May your hope for Doha have gone directly from your heart to God's ears. Thank-you for this report which so touches the heart strings and as well touches on the changes that are occuring in Anbar Province and to a lesser extent but hopeful in Diyala.

May all the sweet little Dohas find the lives they have every right to expect and have their parents there to guide and direct them. Your contributions and those of all our troops work toward that end and I am eternally grateful.

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