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May 04, 2007

Name: Teflon Don
Posting date: 5/3/07
Stationed in: Ramadi, Iraq
Milblog url:

Q: Why did the Iraqi cross the road?
A: His IED was on the other side.

A Marine is working on a Police Training and Transition (PTT) team. Two of his Iraqi Police trainees grab an insurgent, who calls out "By Hussein, let me go!" The IPs drop the insurgent, who runs away.The Marine, astonished, asks why they released the man, and the IPs explain: "He asked for mercy by Hussein, the son of the Prophet, and custom demands that we set him free." A week or two later, the Marine is captured by insurgents. He remembers the IPs, and decides to give it a whirl, so he calls out "By Hussein, let me go!" The leader of the insurgents stares at him for a moment, and then says to the others: "Not only is he an American dog, he's a Shiite too! Kill him!"


I don't know... Armed with my limited knowledge of the political and religious beliefs in the middle east i guess your statements pretty much sum up what's happening there.... take care of yourself

I needed the laugh!!

The funny and the tragic thing is the fact that a lot more US soldiers and Marines, than our current political leaders, now understand the second joke regarding invoking Hussein's name for mercy. Take care.

Don, You've got me laughing & crying at the same time - for about 5 different reasons. Any more?

That second joke is funny, true
and tragic.

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