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April 19, 2007

Name: 1SG Troy Steward
Posting date: 4/19/07
Stationed in: Sharana, Afghanistan
Milblog url:

Air Force CPT. Doug Traversa writes a blog called Afghanistan Without a Clue. I read a few blogs regularly and Doug Traversa’s is one of them. Air Force CPT. Doug Templeton writes for the Sandbox, and I read his pieces whenever I see them. Air Force CPT Mike Toomer has also had some blog entries on the Sandbox.

There were some similarities among these guys that I had noticed reading their posts. For one, they were all in the Air Force, for two they were all Captains, and for three they were all stationed in Kabul. I wondered if they knew each other or worked in the same place.

Reading one of Traversa’s latest posts on his website, I realized not only do they all know each other, but they all live in the same B-hut. What is ironic is that they all work for the same Task Force that I do (I knew Traversa did) and I have walked by them and seen them untold times. On Traversa’s blog, he noted the exact B-hut they live in on the Task Force HQ Camp, and that B-hut is across and about two down from where I always stay when I am there. We use the same latrine and I have walked by them and even said "Hi" a few times without even knowing it was them. I would say that there are less than five really popular blogs coming out of Afghanistan from deployed servicemen, that I like. It is ironic that of those (one is mine of course), four of the authors who post on those blogs have been in close proximity multiple times. Framed_steward_portrait_large_2

I have not been to Kabul in about a month, but will be there soon as I am getting ready to leave country because my tour is almost over. I had made it a to-do item to try and find these guys when I was there but had no idea where to look, but now I do. I really wish I had taken the time before, and kick myself for not doing that. Traversa writes great articles about his interaction with his terp, and even though he is not “downrange” per se, his observations of the ANA almost mirror mine and I enjoy reading someone else’s view. I have learned a lot about the Afghan culture from my time interacting with them, but because of Traversa’s in-depth discussions with his terp and documenting them in his blog, I have learned just as much from him. If you read my blog, but have never read Traversa’s, I cannot encourage you enough to check his out.

I don’t know if Doug, Doug or Mike will see this post, or if they even know about my blog. But I will make it priority #1 to look them up when I am back in Kabul, to shake their hand and tell them, from one blogger to another, that I am a fan.


that's so cool, man, i hope you get to hook up with them. take care!

Quality attracts quality! Keep up the good writing.

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