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April 09, 2007

Name: Kerri Drylie
Posting date: 4/9/07
Daughter stationed in: JBAD, Afghanistan
Hometown: Christmas, Florida

I am just a parent with a soldier stationed in Afghanistan, where my daughter is a medic serving her 14th month with the 10th Mountain. She is very proud to be serving her country, and we are very proud of her. I have been grateful for The Sandbox this last year, and the connection it gives me to my daughter and her fellow soldiers.

Heidi doesn't have time to email me, much less do a blog of her own :-), so Heidi's Mom is a blog I do for her, to keep her connected with what is going on at home and make sure friends and family don't forget she is there. 

I made the attached video using pictures she has sent me. It's a love letter to Heidi and her friends in Afghanistan.


What an awesome video! I'm in the same position you are.Prayers are with you and all soldiers families that they stay alright!

Thanks for the video. I am a airman in Iraq mother, and I love to see anything from over there. It makes the far away seem a little closer.

The 10th Mtn. works close near my own deployed loved one. She is a beautiful girl and this is a wonderful way to say you love her. Prayers with you and yours.

and by the way. . . there is no such thing as "just a mother" you are incredible roots for all of us, home and abroad. Thank you.

Sandbox has me in tears again. You have a daughter to be proud of, and she has a mom whose pride and love is apparent. I salute you and your daughter, and hope she is home safely, soon.

The music, the photos, all went so beautifully together -- and Heidi is lovely -- God Bless and thank you for your service to this country as the family of a serviceperson. I keep all of you in my prayers.

A wonderful thing you have done. Had me in tears. God Bless you and your daughter Heidi

Thank you for all of your kind comments.

My daughter is my hero and I miss her very much.


Heidi's Mom

Mom, You have a beautiful daughter. She and all of our kids down range need our love and prayers.
I have a daughter and son-in-law in the Air Force, not overseas right now but I worry constantly about what tomorrow may bring.
May she and all of our kids be home safe and very soon.

You guys make me proud that I'm an American and a vet from the Berlin Brigade. I will pray for your safe return to your loved ones. Thank you all for restoring my faith in my country.

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