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January 15, 2007

Posting date: 1/15/07

A Sandbox salute to one of this site's most prolific posters, Adam Tiffen, who is the subject of a recent profile in the Style section of The Washington Post. Here are the opening graphs, followed by a link to the entire story:Framedtiffen_portrait_2

D.C. Lawyer Adam Tiffen Forgoes the Legalese for Frank Dispatches From Iraq
By Peter Carlson

"The man was standing 100 meters from the explosion and he said there was no explosion," Adam Tiffen says.

He's looking at his computer screen, where a photo shows him in his Army uniform, questioning a kneeling Iraqi who was captured after a roadside bomb exploded near Humvees carrying Tiffen and other soldiers from the Maryland National Guard.

"If he wasn't the triggerman, he was the spotter for the triggerman," Tiffen says. "But I had to let him go. I had nothing on him. What can you do? Iraqis have rights, too."

Tiffen, 31, is sitting in his office at the law firm of Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, a few blocks from the White House, looking at pictures from his year in Iraq. His law degree hangs on the wall near his Bronze Star. On his desk sit a couple of souvenirs of Iraq -- a .50-caliber machine gun bullet and a hunk of shrapnel from a roadside bomb. His black crew cut matches his black suit.

"Look at me, I'm in my lawyer uniform," he says....(click here to read more).


I snap a Sandbox Salute to ALL of the courageous men and women who post their personal experiences and observations for us to share. We may have differing opinions on the justification for these wars and how they are directed, but I am absolutely certain that all of us are united in our love, admiration and prayers for those who signed up in good faith to defend our country and our Constitution, whether out of an altruistic sense of duty or to learn a skill or to earn money for college or family. They are patriots and heros all.

Alphapenguin, there is only one word for your comment... Superb! Thank you...
And thank you to Adam... Thank you for letting us know how you feel about sending more troops to Iraq... Its easy for us non-miltary to say "send more" but if asked why, we could never say it like a soldier that has been there... God bless you...

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