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November 08, 2006

Name: C. Maloney
Posting date: 11/8/06
Husband: deployed on float...somewhere
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Milblog url:

Things I've done that I might not have if my husband were here:

1) Set up the TV, VCR, amp, and cable
2) Programmed a universal remote
3) Put my clothes in both sides of the dresser instead of squishing them into just half
4) Assembled a table
5) Slept alone for 39 days and counting
6) Watched Gilmore Girls every Tuesday without argument (for once!)
7) Ate cereal for breakfast and dinner
8) Used the power-drill...twice

Being alone provides some unique opportunities and helps you discover new interests. I liked the buzz of the power drill, the burn in my arm from the weight up over my head. I like having ultimate, un-interrupted, guilt-free control of the remote. I like having time to plant a garden, to use the shovel. I decidedly don't like spending nights sitting alone on the couch, but that has pushed me into new activities, more involvement, and there is nothing wrong with more distractions.


Being on your own IS empowering. I did it for years while my husband was at sea. We had the best relationship, and were stronger for it. I wish you strength and courage, and I hope you have some excellent support.

I too have enjoyed learning to live alone, and you're right, when you know how to use power tools correctly you feel so strong. I guess that's why men are so brave, they know how to use power tools.

Just sending you some love and support from down California-way.

I can just see you with a power drill and a bandanna over your hair like Rosie the Riveter. How does it feel to be the next generation of an American Icon?

Thus began the Woman's right movement.

Women with husbands off to war and they (the females at home) did jobs the men used to do.

Only it was in World War 1, though clearly still true today. I hope you get a 2nd TV when he returns, after all Gilmore Girls is not good TV. :D

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