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October 25, 2006

Name: Jeff
Posting date: 10/25/06
Stationed in: Baghdad
Hometown: Montana

The sun is setting
Leisurely strolling along
To my sweet trailer

Barbed wire and dirt
Tanks and armored vehicles
Wear your safety belt

Who will be in charge?
Six bosses for each worker
An army of one

Pictures of rainbows
Covering the concrete wall
Damn hippie chow hall

What's this chow hall food?
Thirty dollars, KBR?
Powdered milk and eggs

Feeling faint, dizzy
Luckily the sign tells
Me to drink water

I sit on my ass
On this very secure FOB
A bronze star I'll get


Nice pieces, man. Stay safe.

you're very talented. i've never been able to write a haiku. take care of yourself.

Vivid images
Keep them coming so we see
the world through your eyes

Take care, bro.

good stuff, stay safe out there and keep writing.

oh, and a funny haiku that might make you giggle--
haikus are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense

In my youth I would travel to the "Missouri River Breaks" and attempt to write Haiku.

I wrote of dragon flies and pond frogs.
Location and time make such a difference.

Thanks for your wonderful work.

Blasius Bauer

Hi from Hamilton, MT!
It's amazing that 17 syllables paint such vivid images! Keep it up, they're great and give us at home a glimpse into the world you're in.

Stay safe.
Bless you!

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