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If someone has the balls to put TOBY, Robot Satan permanently on their skin, I'll pay for it.

I meant ant-inflammatory of course ... where's my editor?

I think Wiley should get 2 cents every time someone sees this tat.

Did John say "she"?

Alright, fess up. It's Cathy Guisewite, isn't it?

Cathy Guisewite's body is covered in prison tattoos. One of her final tattoos, inked just below her collarbone (so it could remain concealed in public) was, coincidentally enough, her only pop culture reference: an approximation of Vicki Lawrence's face as she appeared in "Mama's Family," done with a ballpoint pen hooked up to an electric razor motor by her cellmate. "Mama's Family" was, and still is, enormously popular among female inmates nationwide. Just to be clear-- Guisewite's other tattoos aren't all similarly dated references -- they're mostly sexy demon chicks straddling dragons, hilariously meta exaggerated drops of sweat, pot leaves and tally marks, each representing someone she shanked for snitching. There might be more, but these were all that Wikipedia had listed.

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